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We navigate you through the special education and 504 process.


IEPs and 504 meetings can be overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, and emotionally exhaustive. Our advocate will be your cheerleader and sounding board the entire journey. Our goal is to provide expert advice while normalizing a parent’s experience and assuring them that they are not alone.


Dyslexia St. Louis works to establish a trusting relationship with our clients and school districts. We believe that a student has the best chance of success when parents and schools are working toward the same goals. We collaborate with trusted professionals in our network when parents must obtain outside testing and assessments for their child.


 Our team will review your child’s evaluations, IEP, 504 Plan, and school records to offer advice regarding your child’s needs. We stay current with the latest information and recommendations from Federal and State Education Departments.

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We empower parents to advocate for their children by equipping them with knowledge about their rights under IDEA and Section 504 of ADA. Our team provides help planning for IEP or 504 meetings and provides parents with the tools to organize and keep detailed, accurate records. Our advocate will accompany parents to school-based meetings.


Our team of professionals consists of moms who get it. From our experiences we are able to provide support and advice on the journey to getting your child the help he/she needs to be successful in the educational setting. 


Our team assists parents and educators in formulating IEP goals, modifications, accommodations, and identifying appropriate related services. We help find solutions that will work for your child while building a trusting relationship between parents and school districts.

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Why do you need an advocate?

IEPs and 504 meetings can be overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, and emotionally exhausting. Educational advocates offer families the critical support needed to advocate for their child’s needs in and out of meetings. The role of advocates is to be a voice for the child and parents and walk them through the process step by step. Additionally, when you hire an advocate, you get access to an entire network of expertise. For parents, having an advocate in a meeting means having another perspective sitting at the table that works on their behalf to better solve the needs of their children.

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What impact will an advocate make?

Having an educational advocate has been life changing for our clients and their children. Students benefit when their parents feel empowered and knowledgeable to advocate on their behalf. With the help of an advocate parents are able to have meaningful participation in their children’s meetings. Teams are writing plans that include appropriate goals, services, accommodations and modifications.  As a result, we are seeing a collaborative partnership between parents and schools.

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