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Gabrielle L.

Reading Coach

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Gabrielle loves teaching! After she had her own kiddos, she decided she would go back to school and become a special educator because of her own family’s personal struggles with having 2 children with learning needs. She found that she was good at analyzing the problems and had the patience to follow through and be very consistent. As you know, when your child is in trouble, you’ll do anything to help them. Not knowing how to help is the scary part. That is why she enjoys working one on one with students at Dyslexia St. Louis. Although she has her Masters in Special Education, she teaches as a general educator in a 4th-grade classroom. This allows her to use her teaching chops, as well as her special educator bag of tricks. Tutoring allows her to give each student that one on one time that she wishes she could have in her own classroom. That’s the time that she has the chance to really apply her talents to individualize instruction to each student’s strengths. When she finally has free time, she plans some more for school, reads, gardens, and becomes a human vegetable.