Kaye R.

Reading Coach

  • Phone: +(636)-431-4580
  • Email: info@dyslexiastlouis.com


Kaye has over 25 years’ experience teaching and tutoring students pre-K – 5th grade with a focus on literacy instruction. This experience and love of teaching literacy broughther to Dyslexia St. Louis one year ago. Kaye feels so lucky that she is allowed the opportunity to work with students who need help and support. She gets to help them build their skills in reading while also building their confidence. Kaye loves to try new things so, after 25 years in the classroom, Lindbergh School District gave her the opportunity to move to all virtual. She instructs 2nd-grade students for both Concord and Dressel Elementary. This schedule requires great patience and understanding fromher husband Jeff. She has two adult children and enjoys reading, movies, live music, Blues Hockey, and Cardinals Baseball.