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One-to-One and customized to your child's needs

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We provide one-to-one reading and spelling instruction, customized to your child’s needs.


Orton-Gillingham Influenced

Dyslexia St. Louis utilizes the Orton-Gillingham approach specifically designed to help struggling readers by explicitly teaching foundational concepts of reading.

Evidence Based

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an instructional method that has been backed by studies and has a proven record of success.

Explicit Instruction

Children who struggle to read need explicit instruction to become skilled readers.  We provide clear, direct instruction of decoding skills and spelling rules through modeling and guided practice to achieve mastery.


Intense Intervention

Our experienced Reading Coaches provide intensive intervention that is systematic and sequential to help your child become an efficient reader.


The Barton Reading and Spelling System engages more than one sense at a time.  We use sight, sound, movement, and touch to teach concepts, form connections and enhance memory.

Tailored to your child

Dyslexia St. Louis completes an intake assessment, we review parent provided data and meet as a team to create a plan specific to your child’s strengths and struggles.

Discover your child's full potential.

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Remote Tutoring offered online!

Not close to our Center or feel more comfortable tutoring from home?  Remote tutoring is the answer!  Our Reading Coaches will personalize instruction to support your child’s specific needs via video conferencing. 


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