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We provide one-to-one reading and spelling instruction, customized to your child’s needs.


We navigate you through the special education and 504 process.


We train educators to support and understand students with dyslexia.


We provide a comprehensive language and literacy evaluation.

Our Founders

Why Choose Us?

As mothers of children with dyslexia, Mary and Sarah are passionate about continuously learning and advocating for children with dyslexia and other learning differences. They want to help guide you through the often confusing process of finding help for your child or preparing you for special education meetings. Both Mary and Sarah have been through the whole process with their own children and are ready to help you and your child.


Reading Coaches


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Years Teaching

Tutoring to fit each student!

Our Reading Coaches work one on one with your child and personalize instruction to support your child’s specific needs.

Remote Tutoring now being offered Online!

Not close to our center or feel more comfortable tutoring from home? Remote tutoring is the answer! Our Reading Coaches will personalize instruction to support your child’s specific needs via video conferencing.

What is an Advocate?

An educational advocate is a professional who helps parents navigate the special education and 504 Plan process. They act as a voice for parents and students within the educational setting.  

Our team reviews evaluations, IEPs and school records then provides parents advice on how to proceed and recommendations specific to their child’s unique needs. We will be there to offer our support and expertise every step of the way!

Helping educators understand dyslexia.

We train educators with interactive presentations giving them a heightened level of understanding of dyslexia and ultimately empowering dyslexic students. 

We have programs for all grade levels, a Phonological Awareness Workshop and Dyslexia for an hour Simulation.

How to test for dylsexia?

At Dyslexia St. Louis Learning and Advocacy Center we believe that every child who enters our doors would benefit from a comprehensive language and literacy evaluation. There are many reasons a child may be having difficulty with reading and writing. A thorough evaluation will help shed light onto the reasons why your child is struggling.


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