Why I came to Dyslexia St. Louis

I came to Dyslexia St. Louis because I realized I didn’t know how to help my
struggling readers. I took a class about dyslexia and left the initial class completely
floored. I realized I was failing my second-grade students. I heard that Dyslexia St.
Louis would train teachers, so I reached out immediately. I knew I couldn’t let another
school year go by without trying to improve my reading knowledge. I told Mary and
Sarah, my district isn’t giving me the tools I need to help my struggling readers, so I’m
trying to find it on my own.
My training at Dyslexia St. Louis has completely changed the way I teach my
second-grade students to read. I’ve transferred the knowledge I’ve gained into my
classroom, and I’ve seen such improvement. I teach my students the spelling rules, how
to tap vowels, how to blend words, and so much more. Now, when a student is
struggling, I can easily identify what they’re struggling with and how to help. We practice
phonemic awareness in my classroom daily and without any pushback from my
students. My students use language such as digraph, three-letter blends, closed
syllable, and contractions. I am explicitly teaching my students the foundation they need
to decode and encode the English language and make them better readers. I am
forever grateful for to Dyslexia St. Louis. – Liz H.

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