Paisley’s Success Story

Dyslexia St. Louis Learning & Advocacy Center
Student Success Story

We are thankful to have found Dyslexia St. Louis. Our daughter Paisley struggled
through her homework beginning in Kindergarten. Since she is our oldest child, we kept
questioning ourselves during her first year in school. Why is this homework so difficult for
her? Are other kids spending an hour going through sight words? I thought Kindergarten
was supposed to be fun for kids and parents! While she was already in speech therapy,
I began to suspect that her learning style was different than my own. As she entered
first grade and joined the reading specialist at school, it became clear to us she
needed additional help. As we were watching her fall behind, we were somewhat
discouraged to learn that help in our area had a year and a half waiting list.

Thankfully, we found Dyslexia St. Louis! She began tutoring twice a week at the end of
first grade. She continued through second grade and the summer of her third-grade
year. We are so proud of the progress she has made through hard work, dedication, and
her exceptional tutor, “Ms. Karen.” Now in fourth grade, Paisley is currently reading a
fifth-grade level books! She recently told me that she is no longer scared to read out
loud in front of the class. We highly recommend Dyslexia St. Louis. If your child is
struggling to read, please don’t wait. The investment now will begin paying off
immediately and set your child’s lifetime reading foundation.

– Natalie and Jason

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